TurisMetro : Republica Metro Station

Continuing from where we left off, here are the highlights of Republica tour, that begins at Republica Metro Station.

Republica Square
Praça da República

Amazingly, Praça da República (Republic Square) has had its share of bullfights back in the day. Continue reading “TurisMetro : Republica Metro Station”


TurisMetro : Luz Metro and Railway Station

As many city dwellers, Paulistanos usually do not know their own city. Many do not know the history of Sampa or what would be considered the “main touristic points”. We work from 8 am to 5 pm and there is little time to get to enjoy our city. But the weekends, ah the weekends! Weekends are the little heaven when Paulistanos get out of the offices to bask in the sun. And that is when TurisMetro strikes.

TurisMetro is the result of a partnership between Sao Paulo Tourism Secretariat and the Metro. Continue reading “TurisMetro : Luz Metro and Railway Station”

Sampa’s birthday

Sampa’s birthday was actually quite a while ago (January 25), but dut to my incredible ability to procrastinate, I decided to write about it today. As every megalopolis in the world, birthdays are taken seriously and some events are even sponsored by private parties, such as “Chefs na Rua” (Chefs on the Street). As the name goes, chefs from famous – read “expensive” – restaurants offer their signature dishes to the public for a pocket-friendly price. Of course, the dishes aren’t exactly full size and they are made by the ton, so the quality is probably not top notch. Even so, their effort is laudable and the food – in my opinion – is delicious!

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